Gift Guide for Kpop Fans

Christmas season is just around the corner and what does it mean? SALE! I love how you can shop online,get great deals and just wait for your parcel to arrive,with just minimal effort. 

Everyone loves Shopee so as a Kpop fan,I made list of Kpop related items that will make your fangirl life even more exciting or if you have a loved one who is a Kpop fan and you’re kind of confused as to what to give to him/her then I got you covered.

1.Kpop Album

Almost if not all Kpop fans purchase album/s to support their bias group and get super duper excited when unboxing one to see if they got their ultimate bias’ photocard and other inclusions.

NCT127 Favorite Album

NCT127 Sticker Album

**They also sell albums from different groups, I just featured NCT because I am a Czennie.


They say buying a lightstick will make your dream concert a complete experience. Personally I don’t collect lightsticks YET but I really find them cute most especially the mini ones where you can carry it around like a keychain.

EXO Official Lightstick

NCT Official Lightstick

Treasure Official Lightstick

3. Photocards

A piece of paper that makes fans go crazy. There are times that the PC or Poca cost more than the album itself most especially if it’s rare like the SYBC (Special Year Book Card) from NCT2020 where only 500 were produced among the millions of copies sold so the prices for that special pc costs around 5 digits minimum. Buying this piece of paper with your loved one's bias will surely make them squeal with delight.

NCT 2020 Official Photocards

NCT Dream Hot Sauce Official Photocard

4. Photocard Sleeve

Collectors would always emphasize that this is super important if you want to preserve your photocards. Photocards are not cheap and they can cost a lot most especially if it’s a rare poca or if your bias is in demand so photocards need to be in pristine condition. I also believe this is important most especially if you’re planning to sell them in the future so that you can still sell it at a price you bought it or even more.

5.Binder / Collect Books

I’m still in denial that I am a photocard collector and it started last July 2021 which is fairly new and I want to take care of my photocards thus I purchased a binder where I can put all my photocards and admire them once in a while. I prefer using the A5 binder because A4 is a little bit too big for me to store but they said A4 has more binder sleeves choices than A5.

A4 Photocard Binder w/Sleeves

A5 and A6 Clear Zipper Binder

A5 and A6 Macaron Binder (Can be personalized)

Sanrio Collect Book

Mini Collect Book

6.Binder Sleeves

Binder is not complete without binder sleeves so I asked and researched around before purchasing one. My current binder sleeve is from the brand Be on D which is a Korean brand,it is a little bit expensive than the usual ones since it is branded but so far, I love it since it has an allowance where I can put my photocards inside a photocard sleeve then put it inside the binder sleeve. But if you prefer a collect book, you won't need to worry about this since the collect books come with non refillable sleeves and it's cheaper so you can definitely give more than one as a gift.

A4 Pinlinoo Binder Sleeves

A5 Be on D Binder Sleeves

7.Top Loaders and Photocard Holders

Top Loader

This piece of plastic is very important in BNS (buy and sell)  or trade because this plastic would protect your photocards from bending or crumple during transit. You can also reuse this for your future selling or trades but please be mindful that usually one or 2 photocards can fit inside one top loader unless it’s the kraft top loader. Kraft top loader is an eco friendly version of the plastic top loader and it is commonly used to transit more photocards or if the seller prefers not using the plastic one. 

Unbranded Plastic Top Loader

Kraft Top Loader

Photocard Holder / Frame

Display your photocard/s in style with these cute photocard holders. Protecting your photocard has never been this cute and stylish.

Sanrio Photocard Holder Keyring

Bear Photocard Holder

8.Washi Tape

This is not a requirement but some if not most sellers/traders use this to pack the photocard. It's easier to remove than scotch tape,it's like the less sticky version of a masking tape so it doesn't leave marks on the top loader when in transit. Also people love this because of the cute designs, it's super aesthetically pleasing. This tape is also a great gift for those who love journaling.

Kraft Washi Tape

Grid Washi Tape

9. Bluetooth Speaker / Earphones

Even if it's not exclusive to Kpop,everyone loves music so listening to your favourite group would definitely make your day a little bit better.

Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker

A friend of mine reviewed this speaker so you might want to check it out before purchasing this

JBL GO2+ Bluetooth Speaker

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo 

Same friend of mine unboxed this so you might want to check it out

Baseus WM01 TWS Bluetooth Earphone

10. CD Player

If you want to play your Kpop or non Kpop CDs in style,check out this Muji inspired player that will make your room more aesthetically pleasing. 

Wall mounted CD Player

DVD/CD Wall mounted and with stand and cover Player

So what are you waiting for? Add to cart na to avail awesome deals like vouchers,cashbacks and flash sales this 11.11 and 12.12.

Disclaimer : You don’t need to purchase these items to prove that you’re a fan of a certain group,if you’re broke and if these items are not your priority. IT IS OK. You can always support your favorite groups in other ways.

I have been a Kpop fan for almost half my life and I must say Kpop influenced me a lot. Being a Kpop fan way back 2006,was not something you can say out loud and be proud of it. But even though some people judge me for it,I also met a lot of friends through Kpop. All I can say is that whenever you’re passionate about something,you don’t need the approval of other people as long as it makes you happy and you didn’t break any laws. 

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