NCT127 : Sticker MV + Sticker Album Download


NCT127 is back with their 3rd full length album entitled Sticker. It has 11 songs of various genres including their title track “Sticker”.

I just want to congratulate my co czennies for making NCT127 double million sellers with over 2.12 million pre orders. A 300% growth from their previous album.

<Track List>

01 Sticker *Title

02 Lemonade

03 Breakfast

04 같은 시선 (Focus)

05 내일의 나에게 (The Rainy Night)

06 Far

07 Bring The Noize

08 Magic Carpet Ride

09 Road Trip

10 Dreamer

11 다시 만나는 날 (Promise You)

NCT 127 “Sticker” currently has 13 versions and 4 types excluding the deluxe version

  1. Seoul City Version 
  2. Sticky Version 
  3. Jewel Case Version ( 1 Group + 9 Individual Member Cover)
  4. Sticker Version

While the Deluxe Box has 5 versions and each of them costs $26. 

  1. Dad Hat Deluxe Box
  2. Lanyard + ID Set Deluxe Box
  3. Crewneck Socks Deluxe Box
  4. Popsocket Deluxe Box
  5. Short Sleeve TShirt Deluxe Box

They only ship deluxe box to US Address only.

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