AnMari Handbags

Last March, I was invited by AnMari Handbags to see some of their creations that I think is ingenious considering these bags are made from soft twine. Yes TWINE as in TIE BOX. What makes these handbags unique is that the bags are made by the ladies in Maa City Jail. 

AnMari Handbags was created by Miss Annie as a distraction to her pain in loosing his young son to cancer in 2013. Keeping herself busy would at least take away her mind away from that pain even just for a few hours.

It was an intimate event and we were given the freedom to design our own AnMari Handbag and I must tell you it ain’t easy. I’m not the most creative person and I am not that experimental when it comes to choosing colors. I was not even prepared! HAHAHA. Still, it was a fun event and my inner child won so I decided to make a hidden Mickey Mouse as my bag charm. 

Buying these bags will not only make you extra fashionable this summer but also it helps create extra income to the inmates who made it. 

AnMari Handbags is not just a brand but a reminder that life is about choices. Yes God gives us trials but he doesn't gives us trials that we can’t overcome. Being sad is inevitable but on how long will you dwell in that sadness is a choice.

Making something beautiful out of a painful experience is something all of us can do. Life is not just about celebrating happy moments but also remembering sad ones.

Check out their Instagram and get your own AnMari Handbag now. 

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