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Eyebrows are such a big deal these days and I'm sure every Filipino knows the saying "Kilay Is Life".
With the rise of the importance of eyebrows, I noticed that there are also the increase in eyebrow services and products available in the market today but I must stress out that you must trust only the best when it comes to your eyebrows. It’s should be something you should think twice before doing anything drastic. Why? It’s not something you can hide and brows really do enhance one’s look. 

I think girls would love to have ready made eyebrows as soon as they wake up to lessen their preparation time.

I think brows sense stress. Why? Whenever I’m in a hurry, my brows do not cooperate with me so having the perfect eyebrows will be so ideal. 

Browhaus, a one stop brow and lash grooming salon built for the image conscious urbanite who demands not just function but function and style introduced their newest version of their eyebrow service that I know women will surely love.

This service is called Brow Resurrection or BR,developed and perfected by Browhaus’ research and develop team, Brow Resurrection creates realistic hair strands from root to tip to give you that natural looking eyebrows. Unique only to Browhaus, this service uses an advance embroidery technique to create natural looking strokes.

More than 150,000 brows resurrected and the rescue continues.

Have a couple of questions about Brow Resurrection? Browhaus FAQ.

My friend, Nep C unnie tried their Brow Resurrection, check out her review here.

Not all girls want to have to have the perfect lovelife, some just don’t want to get fat and have perfect brows every single day.

If you’re interested with their service, I suggest you visit Browhaus Davao at 3rd Floor Abreeza Corporate Center and ask inquire first or you may call them at 327-0038 / 0917 871 2033, they're open Monday to Sunday 10am to 9pm.

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