Mark by Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer Review

Avon. Sounds Familiar? I believe almost every person heard about Avon. Avon’s founder, David H.McConnell didn’t set out to create a beauty company, he was a travelling book salesperson and offered beauty products as a gift but he soon realized that customers were more interested in the free perfume samples than the books. It was in 1886 that David found California Perfume Company and in the same year, he hired MRS. P.FE Albee as his first Sales Representative.

It was only in 1939 that the company was renamed Avon. But, it was only in 2003 when their Mark line was made. Mark. by Avon encapsulates the power of a lasting impression, Mark won’t tell you on how to make your make, but they will give you tools and inspiration to do exactly that. 

Mark’s newest line of liquid lipsticks have the vibrance of regular lipsticks but with the staying power of lip stains. It comes with a built in primer so you’re always ready to apply to anytime, anywhere.

Product Claims:
  • Intense, Easy to apply color in just one swipe
  • 40% more versus other liquid lipstick brands

I just love the product that I want to make an indepth review about it and why you should add this to your vanity kit.The colors are so nice, they have 21 shades in total in matte and shiny finish. There are 12 matte shades while there are 9 shiny finish. Unlike other liquid lipsticks I tried, the color payoff when you swatch it is the same color as you see inside the packaging. They have the usual shades that I know Filipinas will surely love like reds, pinks and nudes but I wish they’ll produce more colors soon to cater to those more adventurous ones but I have to commend them for releasing some bright colors like purple and fuchsia pink. And they're really intense, all the swatches below were swiped only once. 

In addition, they claimed that their quantity is 40% more compared to other brands so the OC self me wondered if their claim is true and I must admit that they're true.

I checked out some of the popular and affordable brands;

even if you add 40%, Colourpop = 4.48ml, Vice Ganda = 4.2ml, Nyx Lingerie = 5.6ml and Maybelline = 7ml , it will not reach 7ml unless it's Maybelline.

You guys NEED to smell it. It smells really really good and it’s super lightweight on the lips. I have dry lips like dry as Sahara desert kind of lips so as much as I love liquid lipsticks, I need to prep my lips beforehand because usual liquid lipsticks tend to emphasize on the cracks of my lips but not this one. It’s as lightweight as Peripera’s Airy Ink Velvet but more fragrant.

Nudes/Pink of Matte Liquid Liptick

I find their applicator unique in a good way. Since it’s diamond shaped, your can easily manoeuvre especially on your cupid’s bow it compared to other brand’s applicator.

All Matte Liquid Lipstick Swatch

In addition,I love how small the liquid lipstick is. Usually it’s long and a bit bulky, but not this one. You can bring 2-3 lippies inside your makeup kit with ease.

I love everything about it except for the staying power. It does leave a stain on my lips after eating but considering it is light on my lips and it is moisturizing, I didn’t expect it to be super long lasting since lippies with moisturizing power really doesn't last long compared to super matte ones but that will make your lips more dry so I have to say that the staying power is decent.

Shine Liquid Lipstick Swatch

For P399, you get 7ml of liquid lipstick which I think is affordable considering the amount of product you get.

Ingredients: Will update on this as soon as I get the exact details

Pros : Smells really good
Lightweight on the lips
Available nationwide
Has a lot of shades ( 12 matte shades;9 shiny shades)
Super Pigmented

Cons : Not that super long lasting
Volume: 7ml
Price : P399

Diamond Shaped Applicator Expertly Sculpts the Lips

Will I repurchase? Yes. 
Because for P399, you get 7ml liquid lipstick thats moisturizing, pigmented, lightweight on the lips, affordable, have a lot of shades to choose from, and it smells really really good.

Visit your nearest Avon outlet or to make your mark. 

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