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I’m sure everyone wants to travel but our budget is the only thing that’s keeping us from having our dream vacation. Well, don’t worry. I have a great news for those who love to travel, eat and document every moment.

Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant has been serving great tasting dishes for Filipinos for 19 years and for 2019, which is their 20th anniversary, they want to do something different.

They have an exciting campaign entitled “Be the First Bigby’s Tripster” which will focus on travel,vlog and food just what Bigby’s brand stands for.

Bigby’s Tripster is a one year campaign wherein they will be producing video episodes to be featured on Bigby’s social media starting with the Search, Tripster Challenge and the travel adventure of the winning Tripster.

So what does it take to be a Bigby’s Tripster?

First Bigby’s Tripster can either a male or female, aged 18 to 28 years old, he/she must embody Bigby’s love for adventure, travel,and food. The winner must also be into vlogging (video blogging) or telling their new adventures or experiences online through videos.

As the first Bigby’s Tripster, he/she gets to experience all of these prizes:
  • Get an exclusive 1-year contract as the first Bigby’s Tripster!
  • Win an all-expense paid trip to one local and one international destination!
  • Get equipped with a brand-new GoPro!
  • Be entitled to Bigby’s dining privileges!
  • P20,000 worth of rides from Grab!
  • P20,000 worth of GCash Credits!
  • Be travel ready with brand new luggage and travel gears from The Travel Club, Res-Toe-Run,R.O.X., Herschel and Grind!
  • Plus, a whole lot more!

1. Open to all nationalities aged 18-28 years old (Male/Female).
2. Like and followed our Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
3. Record a short video (maximum of 1 minute) telling us why you deserve to be the first ever
Bigby’s Tripster.
4. Upload the video to your timeline (make the post public) tag us either on FB and IG and use the
hashtag #BigbysTripster.
5. Send us your most recent photo to along with your social media
handle (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and the link to the entry video you posted on your
6. Stay tuned and wait for our Creative Team to get in touch with you.
7. Deadline of submissions is until November 15, 2018 only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is “Bigby’s Tripster”?

Bigby’s Tripster is the search for Bigby’s very first brand ambassador. The first Bigby’s Tripster can
either be a male or female, aged 18 to 28 years old. He/she must embody Bigby’s love for travel,
adventure, excitement and food. He must also be into vlogging (video blog) or telling their new
stories and experiences through videos. Open for all those amateur and aspiring vloggers who want to
kick-start their vlogging careers!

2. How can I join the search?

Joining is easy. Record your 1-minute video telling us why you deserve to be the first Bigby’s Tripster.
Post your video on your profile with the hashtag #BigbysTripster. Make sure your post is public so we
can see your entry. Kindly see complete mechanics on the first parts of the Memo.

2a. I don’t have a DSLR or vlogging camera. Can I use my phone?

Definitely! You can use any recording device you have. The video quality will not matter as
long as you have a great content.

2b. Can I speak bisaya in my video?

Yes! You can use any language that you are comfortable with.

2c. I’m not from CDO/Cebu/Davao/Iloilo, can I still join?

No worries! As long as you are based in the Philippines then you can join the campaign.

2d. What type of videos are you looking for?

The type of video depends on your creativity and imagination. The ideas and type of videos are
unlimited as long as you answer “Why you deserve to be our first Bigby’s Tripster?”.

2e. Can we join as a pair?

Tandem or pair of 2 are still welcome to join. However, each participant will be judged
individually. In the event that the pair have equal scores, the pair will be declared as the first
Bigby’s Tripsters. Therefore, both of them may enjoy prizes that awaits our first brand

3. When will the winner be announced?

After the submission deadline (Nov 15, 2018), the top 5 finalists will be announced online. They will
then prove their story-telling potential in a 4-day Challenge Camp wherein they will compete with each
other through a number of vlogging challenges in Camiguin.

4. How are you going to choose the top 5 finalists?

The video entries will be judged according the criteria provided above. The top 5 highest scores will
then be chosen as our finalists.

5. What does being the first Bigby’s Tripster entail?

As the Bigby’s Tripster. You are entitled to a one year contract as Bigby’s Brand Ambassador. You will
be enjoying the following prizes in one year:

  • All-expense paid travel to one international destination
  • All-expense paid travel to one local destination
  • A brand new GoPro Hero
  • P20,000.00 worth of GCash credits for you to spend on your travel adventures
  • P20,000.00 worth of rides from Grab for you to utilize on your travel adventures

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