Sony Muteki MHC V90DW

Filipinos no doubt love music and Sony has the perfect audio system for us. Late last year, I was invited by Sony and they introduced Muteki MHC-V90DW, the high power audio which lives up to its name. Muteki meaning unrivaled or invincible is massive in terms of size, quality, features, lighting and sound.

V90DW is truly a party machine. Standing at an impressive 170cm tall, the large tower design of this speaker means music can be seen and heard in the best possible way. Light up the night with the brilliant lighting feature options, and excellent sound quality.

Powerful sound to blow you away
The V90DW features a Spread Sound Generator (an open back-type cabinet) that supports the spread and distance of high quality music. To increase the range and spread of sound, front-facing mid-range Angled Speakers and tweeters are angled outward at 20 degrees. The speakers carry a ‘horn’ like style to maximize the reproduction of sound across the room.

From living room to club
The V90DW supports music services including Google’s Chromecast built-in and Spotify. The easy-to-use touch panel user interface is also back-lit, so there’s no fumbling around in the dark when attempting to skip a track. However, the real stars of the show are the speaker lights and multi-color woofer lights that change according to the beat and in turn lights up the surroundings all night long. In addition, it also has inputs for microphone and guitar which I believe is perfect for karaoke nights which we Pinoys truly love.

With the Sony Music Center and Fiestable mobile apps, the V90DW can wirelessly (via Wi-Fi) synchronize up to 10 compatible speakers for an all-encompassing and engaging party chain speaker experience. The V90DW connects wirelessly with the already available V77W and can be easily transported due to its built-in casters.

For those who see themselves as a bit of a DJ and the heart of the party, this product has all the party features to showcase those talents. By connecting via the Sony Music Center and Fiestable app, users can adjust the lighting, add sampler and DJ effects as well as control the basic functions of the speaker. With a wave of the hand, various options can be controlled through Gesture Control, making it easier than ever to get the party started.

Muteki MHC-V90DW is available at Sony Centre Abreeza by Metro Plaza.

SONY CENTRE By Metro Plaza
3/F Abreeza Mall
(082) 321-2868

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