The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2017

A year passed by so quickly that next month is already Christmas and next thing we know it's already 2017. 
Since Filipinos celebrate Christmas for almost 4 months, I believe your Christmas shopping list and wishlist is almost done but if you have not decided what to give, I'll give you an idea on what to give to your family and loved ones since Christmas is more of giving than receiving.

This year, The Giving Journal 2017 has four covers and each cover has an icon. Each icon is a graphic representation of how The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf commits to giving back to the community, through promoting goodwill and social responsibility.

Caring Cup Global ( Gray ) means to give back to farmers and the community who work hard to supply The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with Simply the Best products, the Caring Cup aims to provide them with their needs- whether it be a sustainable source of livelihood or education for their children.

Radiating Heart ( Rose ) signifies how you can live up to the essence of giving by performing little acts of kindness.

Coffee Tree Cup ( Turquoise ) represents The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's hopeful mission - that through our efforts and those our partner organizations, we can help nurture growth and provide a better life for others, one cup at a time.
Overflows ( Purple ) symbolizes  what your outlook in life should be, instead of viewing life as as glass half full or half empty, acknowledge your life as overflowing. Brew your best year by reaching your full potential.
Giving Journal 2017 ( L-R ) : Rose, Purple, Gray and Turquoise

Through the 2017 Giving Journal, you empower scholars by giving them the gift of education through Real Life Foundation.By supporting their educational needs, you bring them one step closer to achieving their goals, enabling their dreams to take flight.

The Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf supports Real Life Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. Real Life Foundation, an organization committed to serve the poor through education, character development and community service. 

What I really like about this journal is that not only do I get to enjoy my favorite coffee and collect stamps which will enable me to get a journal but I also get to help other Filipinos who are in need.
So start collecting now and be a tool to help others.

Giving Journal 2017 Sneak Peek

General Mechanics :
1. A minimum single-receipt purchase of a regular or large sized Original Ice Blended®, Espresso/coffee-based, or Tea-based Beverage, Hot Chocolate/Hot Vanilla or CBTL™ capsules qualifies a customer to get a stamp card that comes with 1 stamp.

2. Each card consists of 12 circles with corresponding purchased drink/item assignments. These are as follows:

(1) Original Ice Blended® (any flavor, regular or large)
(1) Tea Latte (any flavor, regular or large)
(1) Espresso/coffee-based Beverage (any flavor, regular or large, double)
(1) Holiday Featured Beverage (Winter Dream Tea Latte or Double Chocolate Strawberry, regular or large)
Any (8) Original Ice Blended®, Espresso/coffee-based or Tea-based Beverages, or Hot Chocolate/Hot Vanilla (any flavor, regular or large, double)
(1) Box of CBTL™ capsules (any flavor) = 2 stamps
(1) CBTL™ Single Serve Beverage System (Venus, Contata, Kaldi, or Desto) purchase automatically allows the customer to claim his/her 2017 Giving Journal

3. Stamp card must always be presented UPON PURCHASE so that a circle may be stamped whenever its corresponding product assignment is purchased.

4. Once all 12 circles are stamped and completed IN ONE STAMP CARD, customer will be able to claim The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® 2017 Giving Journal at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® branch. Combining of stamps cards is not allowed.

5. The completed stamp card should be presented and surrendered to the branch where The Giving Journal will be claimed. The cashier will punch the stamp card to prevent reuse. 

6. Promo period is from October 22, 2016 to January 8, 2017.

7. Giving Journals may be claimed beginning October 22, 2016 until 60 days after the promo has ended.
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