Fashion Photography Basics with M Magazine

Last month's #AbreezaFashionForum is all about basic fashion photography. Two notable speakers were present during the talk, Miss Jojie Alcantara, a multi-awarded photojournalist and Fujifilm Philippines official product evangelist and Mr. Otoi Mercado, M Magazine's Fashion and Beauty Editor. 

They discussed the essentials in fashion photography.

Like every photo must be well thought of because they can't waste time since time is gold. Delays should avoided if possible.  

Numerous meetings and discussions are held to create a shoot that editors want to publish. As a team, they need to grab attention and make a reaction : create a trend. At the same time, show off the clothes the model is wearing, make the viewer want to purchase the product.

The model is a key to a successful fashion shoot. Scouting and auditions are some of the ways to find a model that best fits the shoot's role.

Miss Jojie stressed that lighting is crucial in fashion photoshoot. There's a big difference between day and night shoots. She personally like day shoots because it has natural lighting. 

Social media can be a tool to help you showcase your portfolio. It's free at the same time it attracts new clients. 

Always remember that every photo is a group effort. 

Abreeza Mall and M Magazine also took the opportunity to announce their partnership for the Abreeza Fashiom Forum for this quarter. Together, they will feature informative talks and fashion stories that would spread style consciousness in Davao City. 

Thank you Fujifilm and Colours for making the event possible. 

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