An Original Dapper with David Guison

This month's #AbreezaFashionForum featured an American brand which was formed way back in 1950's that sells dapper clothes, Original Penguin. The speaker was the brand ambassador himself, David Guison, the famous blogger behind

He talked about the brand's brief history and how the famous logo which is Pete the Penguin was born. David also mentioned that 1950's changed the way Americans dress, they became more liberated in a way they express themselves through their clothes. 55 golf shirt was famous during that time for it's functionality.

Famous Hollywood celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey are image models for the brand. Whereas Manny Pacquiao,  Anne Curtis, Teng Brothers and Daniel Padilla are some of the local celebrities who wear Original Penguin.

David admitted he was a huge fan of the brand before he became the ambassador of it, he said his fashion was inspired by his dad so sometimes they end up having the same clothes. Since summer is here, he shared what are must haves for summer fashion like tank tops, shirts, polo shirts, short and long sleeved button downs, shorts like chino shorts and swim shorts. On the other hand for the accessories; brogues, mandals, colored watches, duffel bags, braided brown belts and straw hats were suggested. 

It's mostly applicable to men's fashion but I think most of the items mentioned above can also be applied to women's summer fashion. He stressed that summer is the perfect time to experiment with colors. And I'm a little but guilty on that one. He said he tries to avoid black at all costs so he's into navy blue during summer season.

David emphasized to dress for yourself not for anyone else. Stick to your style and have fun.

Original Penguin is located at 2nd Floor Abreeza Mall.

Some of my favourites from Original Penguin's 2015 Summer/Spring Collection.  You can view all the looks here.

Be yourself, #beanoriginal.  

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