Blue Tears, Blue Sorrow

 First post for September!

This is what I wore last Sunday, it was a chilly afternoon so I decided to wear this short dress x tights combo. I bought this dress about two months ago not realizing it was too short to wear without tights underneath so I took the opportunity to wear it out on that chilly afternoon. To look dainty, I added a detachable peter pan collar I bought at Far East Plaza last June. It love the pearls-tulle-ish texture of it, it screams "DAINTY!". To break off the trend of wearing tights + flats, (it reminds me of Blair Season 1), I opted to wear boots, to add that spunky look. My only accessory that time aside from the collar is my new beloved watch by Baby G. I was swayed with SNSD promoting Baby G, I bought the silver version of what Yoona is endorsing because gold is too formal for my style. Originally, I did not plan to buy one but one store in Saigon is selling it at a cheaper price than the stores here in the Philippines and it also has 10% off. Who could resist discounted items? Not me! So I basically swayed my dad to buy one and he said yes so end of story. lol

Collar: Far East Plaza
Dress: Girls Boutique
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Bugis Street
Watch: Baby G 

I know this fashion is not age appropriate but who cares? If you are confident with what you are wearing then any comment would not matter. As long as you feel good then you are good to go.

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