Silk Secrets : One Minute Hot Oil Treatment Review

Happy Labor Day everyone!!! In celebration , I came back with a review! Yay! (^_-)☆ 

Being a fan of hair dying for years, my hair suffered the most since hair color indeed damages hair no matter what expensive brands you use (Revlon,Wella, Schwarzkopf and others). It is usually dry when I use shampoo often. So I need to moisturize my hair often so that despite the fact that it is indeed dead, at least it looks presentable. So I present to you Silk Secrets (One Minute Hot Oil Treatment). It was my stylist that suggested this product since they use it at their salon and he wants me to save some time and money (I love him for that).

This is the product I am talking about. I bought the peppermint one since I love how it cools my head when applied.It comes in different variants: Milk, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Peppermint and Tea Tree (You can distinguish different variants by the color of their covers. )
I asked the sales lady what is the difference between the variants, she said that the only difference is the smell. Well, I don't know if it it true since I have not tried all their products. 


Moving on, instructions are printed on the tub.

They also provided the list of ingredients in case maybe perhaps you are allergic to some chemicals. 

What I also love by this product is that it is exclusively made for Watsons which means this product is available in almost 2,200 stores worldwide. (Thank you Wikipedia!)
 The product is sealed so there is no way the contents would be spilled in case of long travel or you decided to give it as a gift.

  How the product looks like, Smurfy blue. (I made it up!)

- Cheap 350g for less than 200php ($5)
- Smells good, a bit strong when smelled but tolerable when applied on hair.  
- Available worldwide via Watsons.
- It makes your hair really smooth and alive. 
  I has proof, lookie! my hair well looks dull and dead on the photo above because I used shampoo directly on my hair for days to show you how awesome this product is.
- Eventually your hair returns to it original shape after 2 days.
- It does not live up to its name one minute treatment, it took me exactly four hours to achieve the desired hair which can be seen above. (lower photo)

Overall Rate:
It is a great product considering its price. Every penny's worth it. Great for home buddies or for people who do not want to splurge money at the salon to get the same result. 

Repurchase: Definitely Yes !

I just want to share my tip when applying treatments. After applying the product cover your hair with a small towel or shower cap. My stylist does the former, I do the latter.  As to why he does that, he said it enhances the result and I find it perfect because I can do activities while waiting for it to work its magic on my hair.

Hope this review would help you one way or another.
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