The Body Shop : Olive Body Scrub Review

First of all, I want to say sorry for the error post a while ago. I did not notice it was blank at all, I saved it but then it got lost somehow so I made a new one.

 Moving on,exfoliating is important to maintain youthful skin but often if not always, we tend to forget to exfoliate our skin.So why do we need to exfoliate/remove all dead skin cells?

1. It makes your skin dull
New cells would only show up if dead skin cells were removed since it sits on top of the new cells. The new cells makes your skin look young and feel supple. The most effective way of removing one's dead skin cells is through exfoliation. 

2.It can clog pores
Clogged pores can lead to blemishes like blackheads, whiteheads and worse, acne. So we need to remove it at least once a week to keep our skin healthy. Also, the moisturizer you are using cannot penetrate into your skin because of clogged pores.

3. Because we need it
Skin is the largest organ in our body and we need to take care of it since it will be with us for the rest of our lives. Abused skin could make you look older than your original age and young skin, well makes you look younger. Also, skin could be our best accessory sans all the make-up and beautiful dresses.

So this is the product that I have been using for months now, Olive Body Scrub by Body Shop. As to why I chose this among others is because the manager told it is their best seller.
This is what the product looks like. Lots of granules = more exfoliating power!

The product on my hand and yes, it is dark green.
It is being rubbed on my skin. So you can see how the granules eventually disappear when I keep on rubbing it.
Finished product!!!~ Taadaaa. . ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ The photo does not give justice as to what the product could do. My hand needs appear shiny. Sorry for the bad photo.

- It smells good
- It exfoliates skin thoroughly
- Does not leave skin dry after exfoliating (it has somewhat moisturizing powers)
- It has a lot of granules

- A little bit expensive (200ml for Php1,095)

Overall Rating :
It is a good product by The Body Shop which helps us experience relaxation in our own bathrooms. We do not need to go to salons/spas to experience this treatment and it can save you more money when you buy this rather, more than 5 applications for the whole body.  It smells great btw! You can visit the nearest Body Shop outlet in your neighborhood and try this since they have testers.

 Do not use Body Scrub for your face because it is too harsh and Do not scrub more than twice a week because it will make your skin dry.

Tell me, how do you guys exfoliate your skin? Love to hear from you soon. ( ̄ー ̄)

*This is not a sponsored post

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