Jollibee Kids Party Jollitown Theme Park Experience

Happy Birthday ate Audrina!

Parties do stress me up. I need to prepare the list of who to invite, clean my place up, decide on the menu and let’s not forget about the party giveaways. Well, at least I don’t have to experience all these stress if ever I’ll organize a kids party because there’s Jollibee Kids Party. 

The Jollitown Theme Park is Jollibee’s latest addition to their growing line up of fun Kiddie Party themes- Jollirace,Fairytale Land and Hello Kitty Fun Carnival. Jollibee wants Jollitown Theme Park to be the most fun destination for kids that would definitely give the most unforgettable birthday which kids can only get from the jolliest place closest to their hearts, Jollibee.

The kids are super excited to eat their meal

Jollibee with Audrina

Yum,Hetty,Jollibee,Twirlie,Popo with the celebrant and her family

What I love about Jollibee Kids Party in general is that it’s not a party exclusive for kids. As an adult, I really enjoyed the party and the experience starts at the entrance, the whole vibe brings back good childhood memories, and I think kids will surely love it. 

The Jollitown Theme Park is ideal for boys and girls which I think is perfect if you have 2 celebrants with different genders and I mean, who doesn’t love theme parks right?

Visit any Jollibee store and plan your party today.

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