NCT2018 : Black on Black MV

I never thought watching this NCT2018 OT18 MV will make me teary eyed. I swear, it's like FINALLy! They're out of the dungeon and Kun ge has made his official debut!

I thought EXO OT12 would be the last large group I'll stan ( I listen to Super Junior but I don't really consider myself as an ELF ) and I was super duper heartbroken when my bias and Ultimate Bias, Kris and Luhan, decided to leave EXO so when rookies like Seventeen, Produce 101 Male Ed and other large groups debuted, I really didn't pay attention to them because I promised myself EXO OT12 would be the last large group I'll stan but promises are made to be broken. HAHAHA

When my dongsaeng introduced me to NCT127,the only member I know is Taeyong because he looks like Jaejoong which is my fave TVXQ member. Then I watched their NCT Life which new NCTzens MUST watch since you get to know more about the members like how "mom" Taeyong is or how Mark can't cook to save his life. In addition, my favorite Asianfanfic author,Bluestone wrote some NCT fics and I must say she's really really good so better check her out. Here's a link.

Fast forward, I lost when NCT introduced Lucas. I thought he was just another shy pretty boy but BOY! I was wrong. He's has like 8D times two and he's a freaking playboy. I mean who call their fans girlfriends among NCT members? Only him. Enough with the blab and enjoy NCT 2018's Black on Black MV.

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