Vacation is not complete if I didn’t go to an amusement park. I always go to amusement parks whenever I can because it makes me happy and my mom is a huge fan of amusement parks. Since I didn’t have the time go to Lotte World and Everland, I decided to choose one, which was Everland. Why? Because the netizens said so. HAHA. No really I did search it up on google and netizens said Everland.

On our way to Everland

Welcome to Everland!

Ticket Office for Foreigners, sometimes they have promotions better check it out.

Hot Pack = my new best friend

Everland is a bit far from the city( end of train line Yongin Ever Line).There are also buses going to Everland ( Bus No. 5002 and No. 5700 )but I get confused with buses so I decided to be safe and ride the train which I believed was more expensive but it’s ok as long as I arrived at my destination. More info about the transportation going to Everland will be available here.

YG FAMILY <3 Missed the Big Bang and Psy show but at least I got to see 2NE1
TOP oppa <3
It's the korean version of Sprite

We missed American food so you can satisfy your burger cravings here.

Before going to Everland, check out their website Their ride maintenance is on weekdays so check which day has fewer rides that are on maintenance so that you can enjoy Everland more. The ticket prices and promotions can be found at their website. One Day Ticket for Adults costs 52,000 KRW  and 41,000KRW for Children.

Super cute poncho and jackets

Remember Kill Me, Heal Me?

We went to Everland for a day and talk about luck, our tickets are less 50% because were tourists and tourists buy tickets at a different office. The promotion was supposed to be for four people or more but they said it's ok as long as we are tourists. We brought our passports btw. I believe Everland is more beautiful during summer with all the flowers that were covered in straw mats. The most memorable ride for me was the Global Village where dolls were dressed up in different national costumes and they were dancing.

Cute statues can be found almost everywhere

Talk about luck, we went to Deoksugung palace out of curiosity and our entrance fee was free because it was Chinese New Year. I’m not sure if it’s applicable to all palaces because I only visited this one.

But entrance fee usually costs around 1,000KRW and you can purchase the combination ticket where you can visit the four palaces (Deoksugung,  Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung) and Jongmyo Shrine for only 10,000KRW for adults.

There are a lot of mini houses inside the palace grounds
It was so wide even though the original size is thrice as it is today because in 1919 some of the areas were sold to public and private organizations.

Deoksugung was originally the residence of Prince Wolsan, older brother of King Seongjong of Joseon Dynasty. After the destruction of all palaces in the capital by fire during the Japanese invasion of 1592, King Seonjo moved into the residence and used it as a temporary palace. But the king moved again to Changdeokgung Palace in 1611 after its reconstruction and this became a secondary palace.

Sun Dial

I love the details and color of this photo

MCM Myeongdong
Korea trip will never be complete without going to Namsam tower. You can go to Myeongdong station then take Exit 3. Take the wide road next to 7/11 then walk straight to the left of the Pacific Hotel. You'll see a lot of people going up so most probably they will go to Namsan.

Please do ride a cable car going up and down Namsan, it only costs around 8,500KRW while one way ticket is 6,000KRW per person.

Instagram worthy graffitis on our way to Namsan

 I on the other hand climbed Namsam that I thought I was going to die that day since I’m not athletic and I hate climbing. I was somewhat tricked by my dad in climbing by saying it‘s only 1000m and since my math skills are not sharp, I said to myself meh, I can do it, super easy. HAHAHA. NOT.

Going up to Namsan Tower view

At least I can say I conquered Namsan though I didn’t go to the observation deck because there were a lot of people. At least dad rewarded me with yummy strawberry yogurt / ice cream with churros and I got myself some twister potatoes that EXO ate when they went to Namsan. The view is breathtaking, I dislike high places but I try to my best to conquer it because I love breath taking views.

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Namsan Tower

Strawberry Yogurt with Churros

3,000 KRW per order

EXO ate this during their Namsan trip

Though I ended up squatting while riding the cable car on our way down, it was worth it. Hopefully I can visit Namsan on my next trip but go to the observation deck this time and see more what Namsan can offer.

Going back to Myeongdong

And that ends my Korea trip for 2015, I hope you enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed my trip.

I really forgot to post the last part of my trip and it was the most memorable one.  MIANHE.

Korea 2015 Part 3

by on June 23, 2016
Vacation is not complete if I didn’t go to an amusement park. I always go to amusement parks whenever I can be...
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