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#AbreezaFashionForum invited bloggers and some media to a suppose to be intimate event with Monika Sta. Maria. I saw her on TV every now and then during her ANTM journey but I was not an avid follower but I was rooting for her secretly because she's a Filipina. I mean who doesn't support a fellow kababayan?

Monica Sta. Maria is the 1st runner up of Cycle 3 Asia's Next Top Model. She along with 13 contenders from different regions in Asia competed from March to June this year.

She shared to us her struggles, stories and insights about different topics. Like what a model should be, what a model should do to stand out, what she felt when she didn't win. 

I like how honest she was telling her fans that she was really sad when she didn't win. I mean who would be happy when your dream is just one step away but you're a step short. She also told us that unlike when she was on court during her varsity days, she didn't feel any nervousness on the runway.
She has a couple of advices that's inspiring like don't try too hard, be confident and comfortable with what you're wearing and lastly that your dreams is in your hands. 

Fashion related questions were asked like what her fave dress among all the dresses she tried, she said she liked the Alex Perry dress. Monica doesn't have a specific fashion icon, she wears what she feels like wearing on that day. 

The best advice she gave was Beauty is finding happiness in small things.

After that, she had a meet and greet session with her fans and davao bloggers would not let the opportunity pass without a group photo with her.

Thank you #AbreezaFashionForum for always  inviting me.  Love lots ♡


Last August 10, 2015 was the Ribbon cutting of Belo Festivale held at Abreeza Activity Center, 5pm. It's also a way of saying thanks to Davaoenos who whole heartedly supported Belo with the opening of their 1st branch in Mindanao last February. Even the head office was shocked because even on their 1st week, they were fully booked. People from different provinces go to Belo Abreeza to do facials and other services.

So they wanted to thank the people the Belo way so they opt to go with the theme Festivalé.

The Belo Beauty fair was a 3 day event from August 10-12,2015 that showcased the history and the ups and downs of their 25 year old company. There was this specific wall post where they made the Belo Beauty Journey with Dra. Vicki Belo, what was her turning point in deciding to become a dermatologist, on how small her first clinic was, what were her fears. So basically it was how she started small and eventually how she became someone who Filipino artists and non-showbiz people trust when it comes to beautifying one's self.


We were lucky enough to hear the private interview of Miss Margie Moran,a well known Filipina who won the Miss Universe Crown in 1973 along with the Miss Photogenic Award. She was one of the first people who endorsed Belo and she started doing facials with Belo then started to use Obagi which was also introduced by Belo.

In 1988,Obagi was founded by skin experts and is designed to help common skin problems like acne, skin aging, sun damage and hyper-pigmentation.It's only available through medical clinics,dermatologists and other skin professionals.

Recently she shared that she tried Picosure, on how it helped her lighten her freckles which was her major concern since before. Picosure is a non invasive procedure that targets melasma and skin discoloration, it is faster than revlite. Also, I saw online lightens tattoos so it's ideal to those people who wants to remove their tattoos with minimal residue. Miss Margie stressed how important taking care of one's skin to look young. As of the moment, Picosure is only available in one of their Manila branches.

Belo has a wide array of services from facials to invasive to non-invasive procedures. Visit their website to see if your desired service is offered or call (082) 296 2356 ,0998 966 6297 and 0917 536 0794 or visit them at Level 2 Abreeza Mall Davao.

Level 2 Abreeza Mall Davao,
J.P. Laurel Ave.
Telephone : (082) 296 2356
Fax : (082) 296 0841
Mobile : 0998 9666297 / 0917 5360794

One of the most awaited bazaar annually is finally happening! The Great Kadayawan Trade Fair Bazaar at Davao Convention and Trade Center is from August 13-16,2015. I always try my best to go yearly to this event because you can find a lot of unique stuff here.

Food, Cosmetics, Skin Care and a lot more can be seen. It's a one stop shop where you can buy great stuff for an affordable price and the best thing about it it's that the admission is free. So fret not if you didn't buy anything which I doubt would happen. Some stalls offer discounts so try to ask if they have have discounted price for a specific item. 

Please take note of their schedule
Thursday 3pm-11pm
Friday and Saturday 2pm-12mn
Sunday 1pm-9pm

I suggest you buy items during the last days because they offer more discounts by that time. Also please have patience when looking for a parking space since nearby parking lots are jam packed during this time so the possibility of walking to your parked car to DavCon is high. 

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