2NE1 : Crush PV / MV

Annyeong! Just a short review / spazz about 2NE1 Crush PV.

I just saw the PV of Crush! And I'm so effin giddy about it. How I wish they could also make one for the Korean version but sadly even though if they make one, it will not pass the music board since the lyrics are somewhat considered to be a sensitive topic or whatnot so thank God for the Japanese version! I must say that the fun 2NE1 vibe is back unlike the Gotta Be You where they were all serious.

credits to : Donatello Kim

The first scene will make Audrey Hepburn fans really happy because they copied the iconic scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's with the Baddest Female as Audrey. She has that elegant yet badass vibe which screams 2NE1. Our baby Minzy is not so baby anymore ;_____; how can she dance so sexy. Oh that hips. Also Dara danced swaying her hips left to right to the beat of the music. Our Bommie unnie doesn't have enough airtime. Well, she doesn't have that much line in Crush anyways. 

I hate her costume in one of the scenes, she and Minzy looks like they borrowed their clothes from an old closet. I know the theme was old school but the clothes doesn't compliment them like Dara and CL. Also in the last scene they wore their iconic Crush outifts; the metallic military inspired tops.
Overall, I find the PV; bad-ass, cool, fun, sexy and very 2NE1.

What are your thoughts?

Sorry for not updating often. I will work hard and write interesting things. Sometimes, I think I bore you guys since you're not interacting with me often T______T

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