Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014.

2013 has been a fairly great year for me. It started off in January, I really wanted to go to DKFC because of EXO but I think it's not practical since I only wanted to see EXO and pay for 5 other groups but during the night of the concert, I got an unexpected call from my best guy friend. He called me to let me hear the concert live. I didn't expect him to call me because I didn't request him to do so but he called me anyways. During February, I usually spend my Valentines with my family but during the recent years, I spend it with my friends. So I spend last Valentines with my best guy friend and we drank milk tea. It was a simple night but I consider it great. I also met 2 new friends, namely Zebrus and Resa. In March I got my first job in a BPO, I got in together with my guy best friend. Also, my friend became a finalist in Mutya ng Davao.

In addition, I finally got to meet some friends in person, we have been friends online but we never had the chance too see each other due to our schedules. I tried emceeing in April in one Cosplay event and it was refreshing, bought a new phone with my savings and wage. Hello Note 2! I also attended my 1st kpop convention. During May, I had health issues and it affected my work during a critical time so I was forced to resign. My parents told me that if I was not forced to resign, they would force me too because my hemoglobin dropped from 119 to 102 in 2 months time and the minimum hemoglobin for a woman is 120. This month was also my birth month so I got a big ass present, a car! It was really unexpected because 1. I do not know how to drive 2. It was a surprise. I had a hunch that they'll buy a car for my birthday but I ignored it since my parents were building a house so the expenses are a bit tight but they kept asking me if i have a car, what color would it be? my parents really know I'm OC in color when it comes to my personal things. It was the first time I cried when I received the present.

In June, I became unemployed again. Lol. EXO had a comeback during his time and I bought my first kpop merchandise ever! I have been a fan of kpop for a long time but I never bought albums thinking I can use the money for more important things. In July, I joined a cover group. At first I thought it was a joke since they were kind off joking and we were laughing but boy it was serious, I never thought dancing would be so tiring and demanding. I tried my best dancing in heels to the extent my heels got destroyed and sometimes I can't feel my feet anymore but we were not able to pass the final round but I find the experience fun. August and September were busy months since we were looking for furniture all over Davao so it was a bit hazy and i got another job! Me being an English tutor to Korean kids. Though it ended for about 2 months or less I enjoyed every bit of it. It was also by this time I decided to help my dad in our family business. I'm an only child so one way or another I have to learn on how the thing goes right? In October, I attended my 1st Davao Kpop Convention with my kpop friends, it was really fun and I think I'll attend to this kind of events more often. In November, I bought my 1st ever branded jewelry with the help of my parents. It's a ring from Bvlgari. This December has been one of the most simple Christmas I ever celebrated. I never bought gifts and also never bought one for myself, I bought simple earrings set in Call It Spring since it was on sale. The heels were also on sale but I sticked to my last years resolution by not buying a lot of heels since I bought a decent amount in 2012.

This year, I didn't travel anywhere abroad. It was a bit boring but I had fun since I really tried a lot of things this year. I'm a kind of person who doesn't welcome change whole heartedly but I told myself last year that I'm still young so why not try things and learn a lot? I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year,I also would like to thank you, my readers for reading my blog posts. I reached 50k+ views, for some bloggers, they may consider it as unimportant but for me it's a milestone. I am happy that people read what I write no matter how many audiences are there. There was a time that you guys let me reach number 18 in top blogs which really really surprised me a lot, the post has a lot of views all over the world, it was a kpop related post. Thank you thank you for being with me in 2013. As of the moment, I don't have any 2014 resolutions, maybe wear heels often? Or revive the fashion portion of my blog? Enjoy the new year and let's make more memories.

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