Hello! I know I have been uber lazy to post anything here on my blog. Too lazy to take OOTD so I'm back with a review. lol. It is an old product by Body Shop but I have only fell inlove with it recently. So inlove that lately that i don't use my lipsticks anymore but stick to this lip and cheek stain. Though I use it as lip stain only because I still have to finish my Clinique Blush Stick.Moving on, as you guys know I have been sporting the brunette look these past 2-3 months so I changed my whole make-up routine and decided to go back to my dark make-up days, heavy or smokey eyeliner + red lips. But I have to admit, I bought this tint because I was inspired by S.M the Performance make-up, Taemin, Lay and Kai looked so dark and sexy with smokey eye make-up and red natural lips.Ok, enough fangirling.
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