2013 KBS Music Festival Performances

I believe the Kpop portion of my blog has already been a year old now. SO YAY CONGRATS TO ME!~ and I want to thank you guys for viewing my blog and I'm sorry for not being able to post a review this month, I have been busy, since we're transferring houses so it's a bit chaotic here and when I go home, I am already dead tired and don't have time to think on what to post next but I promise (hopefully) I'll be able to publish a new review by early January, I already have the photos just a bit of editing and review.

So, Kpop scene nowadays are also busy since there are year end shows. Namely, KBS Music, Festival, SBS Gayo Daejun, MBC Entertainment Awards, MBC Drama Awards, SBS Entertainment Awards, KBS Drama Awards, MBC Gayo Daejaejun and SBS Drama Awards.

What I love about year end shows is there are special collaborations between artists from different agencies. You don't see that often during normal shows so their performance is what fans are looking forward to.

About 2 days ago, KBS Song Festival happened. The Dance Symphony was the part where artists collaborate and dance by not using their own song. I have my personal favorites so I'll post it here. But don't worry I'll give you the YouTube channel where you can watch all the performances.

Troublemaker, their way of dancing maybe considered provocative and racy but I believe they're good in those things. I mean not all artists can work sexy moves and make it appear sensual so I give my applause to Hyuna for her twerking and another applause for her sexiness.

The maknae and the visual, I never thought that Hara could be so sexy! I always think of her as the innocent elegant artist that can never have a sexy aura but this performance proved me wrong. Their maknae is already a lady and sexy, she can work those moves like a pro.

Fei, Fei, Fei. Why are so hot and elegant at the same time? She can pass as a professional dancer right? Girl Crush Alert!

Hyorin x Ailee. Both with strong vocals but I think their voice do not compliment each other(?)

 I think I should just stop here since I can go all day spazzing, you just just decide for yourselves whether your biases did great or not.

So visit the YouTube channel below to view all their performances and collaborations.

Also credits to jamieee922 for all my videos. Gomawo \m/


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