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I can't get over 2 things right now, first is the Now MV by Troublemaker. I have been their fan ever since troublemaker days, their sexy and strong MV plus their performance stage is a must see. I find it sexy but not in a sexual way, I mean it looks sexy in a good way. I think Cube United should make this sub unit a permanent one. The MV gives off that Bonnie and Clyde feel to it and in the end I was right, I read the meaning of the MV which I will reveal at the bottom part of this post.

Another thing I can't get over are the songs the YG babies made. Another Boy, Get Up and Climax are complete eargasms. I listened to them the whole day but I still listen to them until now. Their songs are that good. I am somewhat sad that only one team won but I had a feel that Team A will win since their different from YG feel. They have amazing composers and their voices are distinct. You can differentiate their voices which I think is good because as a singer you want your voice to be recognized. I will miss WIN program and I want to thank onewomansubs for providing fast subs. You guys should check out her blog for more subbed shows.

So check out the MV below :

 credits to : TroubleMaker

So basically, the music video is related to the musical "Bonnie and Clyde" which is a couple that has been a 'criminal couple' and has been killed at the United States in the year 1976. As you can see in the beginning, Hyunseung slept with two girls and Hyuna is at a club. These two are not together because they are trying to forget about eachother. But as you see,Hyunseung kicks the two girls out, and Hyuna pushes the guy away from the club. These two still love eachother. When Hyuna can't take it, she goes to Hyunseung and these two spend their last night before death. Them two doing fireworks, kissing, setting walls on fire, all becomes a memory the couple shares. Nearly the end of the MV, two cars circle around Hyuna and Hyunseung. These two cars are police cars and they symbolize the couple's upcoming death that day. Although the music video didn't show their death,just like Bonnie and Clyde,Hyunseung and Hyuna,who were a criminal couple, get shot and killed. The whole music video portrays a sad romance between a couple that has no other way to love, than death.

 cr: @amazingb2uty

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