Recent Beauty Haul : Etude House + Hair Care

Hello guys! How are you?

Tonight, I'll show you guys my recent haul which comprises of beauty and hair products. Most probably, my upcoming reviews will come from this post. I'm reviewing each product for about 2 weeks or more now. Personally, the main reason why it takes me time to make reviews is that I take time to review each products and try to make an honest review for each. I also think I'm not that good in writing what I think I am better in talking about it but I suck at videography so bare with me.

My √Čtude House haul was not expected, I mean it was not part of my budget but when I saw a post that they're having 20% less on all products, I grabbed the opportunity. I mean it's rare that all products are on sale. So some of the products I bought are not that needed much but as of the moment, I am happy that I made that purchase. As to why? Find out on my upcoming posts.

For the hair products part, I am still searching for an alternative to my Delon conditioner since I believe that S&R will not import them again or it will take time. So I bought 2 conditioners and 1 shampoo. I always always fall for their claims where they say that it will make your hair livelier. The 1st products can be found at Watsons. The main reason why I bought it is that it's made in Korea but the ingredients are from Japan. Interesting right? And I believe that Japanese and Korean products are nothing but amazing and worth in investing. The most recent one stated that the shampoo and conditioner contained Moroccan Argan Oil. Php 115 for the shampoo and conditioner so I think it's a good buy right? Considering it's imported and it contains Argan Oil. "The said to be savior of dead hair".

So, you guys better watch out for I have many products to review on and hopefully, you guys would follow me or better yet voice out your thoughts / reactions / feelings at the comment box below.

My twitter has been suspended for 3 days now. I don't know why they suspended it really. I believe I didn't violate any of their rules but still. ARGHHHHH.
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