EXO : Music Video Drama Version K & M PART 2

My boys are baaaaaaack! Yes, they have been winning multiple awards for their double comeback; Wolf x Growl. 축하해여!~~
On the other part of EXO planet, Exotics were dying to see the second part of the MV, we waited for more than a month to see the continuation. So it was released about 12 hours ago and I was so excited that I downloaded it right away into my ipod so I could spazz while shopping. And I was disappointed again, WOW. THANKS SM! *sarcastic face*


So 1st here's the most awaited 2nd part of the MV, drumroll please *insert drumroll sounds*

EXO : Music Video Drama Version K PART 2

EXO : Music Video Drama Version M PART 2

EXO looks HOT with their bruised face - Girl is annoying - Luhan looks cute being sick - Wrong Angle of the Photo - Kai and Tao looked hotter (if possible) while fighting - Luhan is the new snow white - Kris looks hot with his angry face.
 ^ enough review, I'm out!

lol joke. 

See why am I disappointed? I just hope the 3rd part would be released this year, I can't take another EXO comeback. My wallet is crying already, I bought XOXO both Kiss and Hug, now I bought Growl, bought Kiss and Hug (though I didn't claim it yet). Goodbye savings!~ It's a short update alright since I'm tired now. I shall read fanfics again to save myself from dying due to boredom.

On the other hand of my OC kingdom, I am disappointed with the way how the photo in the phone was captured. WHY? Because in order to take that photo with that kind of angle, the bad guy needs to be somewhere right but then he appeared on the left side of the screen. If he did take the photo in real life, the photo would have been the girl's back and Luhan's side view but it's an MV so hello disappointment. 

As to why Luhan is the new Snow White?

AN: I'm really sorry for the delay in my review for a product. Well, I have a concrete reason as to why I am hesitating in posting the product because it's not available here in our place anymore. I mean the only store I know importing them is not importing them anymore, I went to the store for more than 3 times now but still, I can't find the same conditioner I am using now. But the product is indeed good. So maybe I should just post it right? Hopefully I can post it before the week ends, for now, enjoy my double kpop post. See you~

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