EXO : Wolf

Hello guys! I know I have promised to update often since I don't have work anymore but still I don't know where to start. I have many products to review and many outfits that has been long forgotten. I'm really bad at keeping promises to you guys but thank you so much for still reading my past posts. I know I seldom post in this section of my blog but since I really like this group so much!~ second to BB of course. I present to you the 1st comeback of EXO.

Like really, EXOtics waited for more than half a year for this and I can say the wait was really worth it. I even pre ordered their album YES FOR THE FIRST TIME I CAN"T STOP MY FEELS. and YES OT12. Goodbye part of my savings!~ I will probably take some photos of the album and freebies right?

Anywho, moving on. I shall present to you guys the Wolf MV.

But first let me present the teasers:

and now I present the MV itself~ *drumroll*



All I can say is wow. Chinese members singing Korean and Korean members singing Chinese. WOW. I can't wait for the drama version of this MV.Usually they upload the drama version first then dance. I'll post the drama version in the different one. The members were more handsome than ever. Words can't describe on how to explain this video. Sorry still a bit high on euphoria.

And let us not forget their 1st comeback on stage:

* I am not claiming any of this videos. I just compiled them in one post. Thank you for the rightful owners : SMTown and byunbaekbiased.
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