Shinee : Dream Girl

SHAWOLS, REJOICE for SHINEE's back! I know it has been days or even a week since SHINEE is back but nonetheless, I want to share my views on their new song, Dream Girl. As for the song, I like the song and of course their singing is as always as impressive as before. What I don't like about it is their choreography with mic stands. It somehow reminds me of Wonder Girl's Nobody days but I need to admire them with their complicated choreography. SHINEE never fails me with their choreography and they stick to it until the end. I also love their outfits! but I hate the one Taemin sported on the photo below, as much as I love him, he looks like a multi-colored popsicle stick. A HOT POPSICLE. Yes he can pull it off because he is Taemin but I wished he wore a different bottom.

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I also noticed on how Taemin became manly. It's as if he's not the cute/pretty boy Taemin-ah we know. He evolved into a man after the Disturbance MV. Bring back my baby Taemin! ( ̄へ ̄)

Dance Version of Dream Girl

Another thing I like about SMTown is that they have dance versions of their MVs so fans could dance and be like kpop stars in their own rooms. O(≧∇≦)O
videos by SMTown






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