Miss Atomic Bomb

Neon: Something I thought I would never sport because I am more a floral, cutesy patootsie kind of girl. I like flashy accessories but not flashy clothes like this one. I thought neon would feel as if you are a walking traffic enforcer.No pun intended. Another thing about neon is that you need to tone down some of your clothes so that you would not appear as attention whore or what so I opted to pair them with all black ensemble. It is a safe choice since you can never go wrong with black. I feel black is my bestfriend in any occasion except for weddings. 

Sorry for my skirt, they looked as if I didn't iron it. As much as I love this skirt, I hate the fact that the end of the day, it looks as a hurricane passed by and it ravaged my skirt somehow. lol
Stupid dazed look. WTF

As for this type of bags, top handles. I have a love hate relationship with them. I love how it makes you look all girly and sophisticated but when your bag is heavy you can't just slop it over your shoulders like tote bags. And as for my face, please neglect it. I look decent here compared to my other photos.
Top : Korea | Skirt : Lowry's Farm | Necklace : Love Diva | Bag : Salvatore Ferragamo | Shoes : DKNY

*Late realization : I wore patent leather shoes and paired it with patent leather bag.

As to why my post is entitled Miss Atomic Bomb, well The Killers just released the sequel of Mr. Brightside which is Miss Atomic Bomb
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