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So exactly 2 days ago, my Ultimate Bias, G to D released a new MV entitled, Coup D' Etat.

Well, at first you'll be really confused or puzzled about the MV since it seems like it has a deeper meaning but you don't know where to start. In my case, I thought it was just another video wherein the scenarios would be just random and GD, singing, dancing and having his fun time. But the way he sang the song makes you wonder, this is not another video where he enjoys it, it's one of those videos that has a deeper meaning. It makes you wonder, it makes you think and lastly, it makes you more confused. LOL. Well, luckily, I have batchmate whose also a GD fan (@elerieC) and she posted a synopsis she found online and boy, it was awesome. It makes you think about the past issues that GD went through, his struggles, scandals and dreams.

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credits to : talkaboutkpop25

After reading the synopsis, it makes you realize that being an idol or an artist is not all about the glitz and glamour. They need to give up their freedom, their privacy, their selfish desires in order to fulfill their dreams. Living your dream is everyone's dream, right? But like all decisions, it comes with a price, opportunity cost in economics as they say. In order to achieve something, you need to give up something. We need to realize that our idols are not perfect, they're just human being just like us but since media is always present in their lives, they need to appear perfect, flawless and happy all the time, if not, netizens would criticize them. The lyrics, the meaning of the song is indeed a Coup D' Etat. 

Coup D'Etat with English subtitles:

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And you guys could also download his whole album here:
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Download [Album] G-Dragon – Coup D’Etat Part.1 (2nd Album Part.1)

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