Spice Me Up

First thing you might notice is my loose blouse. Well, I bought it months ago but I only wore it recently when I experienced the sudden weight loss thus it looks like it has been borrowed from someone bigger than me which was technically me. Anyways, the main star in this outfit is my skirt which I love and thrifted it for a good price. Aside from the fact that it is made in France, the colors give off that summery vibe and I bought it last November. So I am preparing for my summer clothes as early as November because sometimes if not often, even in summer I always wear black which is not ideal for summer neh? And I try my best to incorporate colors into my wardrobe which is dominantly black and white.

With this outfit, I can already feel the summer which is fast approaching and I'm somewhat excited which is rare since I hate the scorching sun. Summer does not only mean you always wear short shorts or short skirts, you can also use midi skirts like this one since not all people are comfortable in wearing something short. So, what are your plans to spice up your summer?

Blouse : Japan | Skirt : Thrifted | Shoes : Rubi | Bag : Salvatore Ferragamo

*I wrote this post a month ago but for some strange reason, I don't want to post it.  Me being lazy is something normal, please! god of blogging bless me with hardwork to blog often. ;A;
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