Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion

June 12, 2016


The Coffee Grounds located at Golden Lion Dormitel,Roxas Extenstion is a must visit coffeeshop. Aside from their London inspired instagram worthy interior, they also serve delicious food and coffee that is worth every penny. 

Bruschetta (new on the menu, so no price yet at that time)

For the coffee menu, they serve drinks hot, iced, or in frappe. They also have coffee free drinks so no worries for those who don't drink coffee. I tried one of their frappes and I like how the drink was not too sweet. 
Trio Formaggio Pancetta P320
Osso Bucco P290
Yummy Nachos for P210
Pepperoni and Basil P280

Food is also served in Coffee Grounds like rice meals, pasta, pizza and sandwhiches.My personal favourite would be Baby Back Ribs and Osso Buco worth P320 and P290 respectively. I think the serving is good for more than one person but it really depends on your appetite. 

Roasted Chicken in Lemon Grass P250

Baby Back Ribs P320

Coffee Menu

The ambiance is really cozy and the staff is knowledgeable. If you want some quiet time to spend with your loved ones or just rest or study for the upcoming finals, then I suggest this place.Check out their 2nd floor which will make you want to return to their coffeeshop over and over.


Blankets can be borrowed if you're feeling cold.
 Wide array of different desserts are served for tea time.

Parking space is not a problem because they have their own parking space in front of the store.

Want to try something unique? I suggest try their selfie coffee, a first in Davao City where you send them your photo and they print it on top of the drink of your choice.Just add Php70 on your favorite drink.

photo by : Jeffrey Mondia

As of June 6,2016, their operating hours from Sunday to Thursday is from 2pm to 12mn while for Friday and Saturday, 2pm to 1am. 

Check out their Facebook page ( and don't forget to use #coffeegroundsbygoldenlion hashtags for social media. 

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