EXO : Call Me Baby MV + Exodus Album Download

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EXO's recent album entitled Exodus is I think a bittersweet moment to EXO-Ls. They're happy that the boys are back with their new album so they can see them more often with their promotions but it's also a wake up call to those people who are fans of OT12 that EXO will never be the same. As of the moment, I feel I'm not deserving to be called EXO-L because I'm still butt hurt about the lawsuit which I think every fan has the right to feel hurt or whatnot and I'm not in the position to judge other fans. Personally I still support EXO but not like before wherein I watch almost all their weekly performances, guestings and update myself almost everyday which I recently found out was unhealthy. I will support their album and say congratulations to them if they win which I think is possible with all the EXO-L fans out there.

The delusional me is still hoping to hear Kris' husky rap and Luhan's angel like voice in their new album which I think is normal for fans who like Krishan so much like me.
I was excited on EXO's new album since I find EXO as a promising group and they are working hard to fill the gap that Krishan made. Weeks ago, I heard EXO will have a song entitled Call me Daddy and I was like waaaaaaaait. It sounds so kinky and inappropriate for underaged fans good thing that was just a rumor and call me daddy was changed into call me baby. Call me Daddy reminds me so much of Suho while Call me Baby reminds me of Sehun.

Anyways, the song is addicting as usual and I'm happy that you can hear more lines from members who used to have 1-2 lines in their previous albums. My comments would be available tonight because for now, I'll spazz how hot the boys looks esp. Tao, Chanyeol and Lay. 

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