Skrillex finally dropped the bomb with the MV of Dirty Vibe featuring the King and Queen of Swag; G-Dragon and CL. If you guys don't know who Skrillex is well he's a DJ, American electronic dance music producer and singer-songwriter.

And I must emphasize that he's really good at this because as of the moment, he already has 6 grammy awards. Also we must take into consideration that YG wants the best for their artist so they work with well known people in their field of expertise.

Dirty Vibe was released last March in his album Recess, but the MV was only released hours ago.
I think this is part of YG's step in penetrating the American market. As much as GD and CL are famous already, not all people in America know them unless they're Kpop fans.

credits to : Skrillex

This MV is also an exposure to both of them though GD has more screen time than CL. CL is planning or I must say is on the way debuting in America so she needs all the exposure she needs to slay the charts. The MV for me is a bit mild, not totally GD or CL 's style but their swag makes up for it. At first maybe you'll find the song weird and too blunt but it's addicting and you can't release a song like this in Korea because it  contains swear words.

You can really see in the MV that their confidence and attitude glows and gives their own interpretation of Skrillex's Dirty Vibe so enjoy the MV and comments or spazzing is much appreciated.  Bye~

P,S : This video is unlisted so those people with link can only see it. 

Yosi Samra, the American footwear brand that pioneered the fold-able flat revolution recently launched their 2014 Holiday Collection and I was one of the people invited to view their collection. 

I was really excited since recently I became a shoe person but I'm trying to suppress that since I still have decent shoes to wear so why buy unless they're really good or an investment. 

Their recent collection can be considered a bit playful but it still comprises to the brand's philosophy. I expected the collection to be all metallic or anything shiny shimmery since it's holidays but it consists of bold animal prints, suede and patent leather, metallic finish and gold studs which can be seen in the next photos.

Did you know that Yosi Samra was inspired by partygoers who goes barefoot after a long night of partying and ended up bringing their stilettos instead of wearing them. He saw that the demand was not met thus Yosi Samra as a brand was born!

Yosi Samra is known for their smooth, clean lines and pure 100% leather so you can really say that it's not just buying a pair of shoes but it's considered an investment.  Every 2 or 3 months they change their collection since they follow four seasons. Wide array of colors are also present, from nudes to bright red and teal.

My dream pair. Legarto Metallic Leather in Pewter. 

From students who want simple black flats to fashionistas who want to be daring at the same time be comfortable to moms who want flats to go with anything available in their closets and lastly to grandma's who want nothing but comfortable  and long lasting flats, they cater them all.

They also have sandals which I think is perfect for those people who wear maxi dresses and it's perfect for summer.

Miss Rina Malamug, Brand Manager of Yosi Samra Philippines. She shared a brief history about the brand and it's philosophy, how often they change their collection and how much she believes in the product.

People can't wait to get their hands on Yosi Samra's newest collection.

Davao bloggers rocking Yosi Samra 2014 Holiday collection. Which one's you think I have?

credits to : Ria Jose 

Some of my picks for the 2014 Holiday Collection would be:






Visit them at their shop in Abreeza Mall, 2nd Level in front of Vans, to see the different colors per style and maybe buy one for yourself or to your loved one this Holiday Season.

Like Yosi Samra Facebook page to view all their available shoes and follow their Instagram for updates.

P.S They don't have half sizes and order a size bigger because their sizes are a bit small. I'm size 25cm, usually I buy size 8 American size but their size 8 is a bit too fit for me so I got size 9. Fit in a sense that I can outline my toes when wearing them. Me and my long toes!

I would to congratulate all those artists who won in #MAMA2014!  

I enjoyed the stage tonight though last year was better and the year before that. Personally the best act was GD x Taeyang and EXO. They really owned the stage and their stage presence was overwhelming.  GD x Taeyang performed their chart topping single Good Boy and sang a bit of Fantastic Baby which made me miss Bigbang as a group and hopefully they'll have a comeback next year.

I'm not a huge huge fan of Taeyang oppa unlike I am a huge fan of GD but he has the best stage ever! Can't stop spazzing about how the lights turn and it forms different shapes and it makes the song more emotional to the extent it makes you wanna cry.

I have not seen EXO performances lately since I am still butt hurt with KrisHan lawsuit and contract nullification but watching the boys perform makes me miss OT12 more though you can really see their effort to give their best to EXO-L's but  as a huge fan of them before I wish I could have seen them accept their four awards this year as OT12. It may have been a dark year for them and for us fans but they still shine if not brighter than ever and they stayed strong for us. I'm still proud of my babies and I'm still hoping for OT12.

I also liked how Epik High, B.I, Bobby and Mino enjoyed the stage for Born Hater. B.I = cutest janitor ever! He was even holding a cloth and wiping the floor at one part. They have a strong stage presence.

For me the best vocal and 2nd most emotional performance was done by John Legend. Even the artists were giddy when John sang and boy it was amazing. It's a must see performance.  It also reminded me when Yi Fan sang it on SWOK conference if I'm not mistaken, the vocal is not as strong as John's but his emotions are as strong as the original.

I enjoyed the "battle" between BTS and Block B. Though they didn't win any award, they performed well and Jimin's abs is the best, go co Armys! You can sense their swag but it's in the friendly level.

I enjoyed a lot of performances but it doesn't mean I liked them. I don't know if it was because they lacked stage presence or maybe the way they made a remix distorted the feel of the song, but I know they did their best and congratulations again to the Winners! 

▲ Album of the Year
EXO - 'Overdose'
▲ Song of the Year
Taeyang - "Eyes, Nose, Lips"
▲ Artist of the Year

▲ Best Male Artist
▲ Best Female Artist 
▲ Best Male Group
▲ Best Female Group
▲ Best New Artist

▲ Best Dance Performance - Male Group
INFINITE - "Last Romeo"
▲ Best Dance Performance - Female Group
Girl's Day - "Something"
▲ Best Dance Performance - Solo
Sunmi - "Full Moon"
▲ Best Collaboration
Soyu x JungGiGo - "Some"
▲ Best Vocal Performance - Male
Taeyang - "Eyes, Nose, Lips"
▲ Best Vocal Performance - Female
Ailee - "Singing Got Better"
▲ Best Band Performance
CNBLUE - "Can't Stop"
▲ Best Rap Performance
Epik High - "Happen Ending"

▲ Best Music Video
2PM - "Go Crazy"
▲ Best OST
Lyn - "My Destiny" from 'You Who Came From the Stars'

▲ Best Asian Style
▲ Style in Music
Jung Joon Young
▲ International Favorite Artist
John Legend
▲ K-pop Fan's Choice - Male
▲ K-pop Fan's Choice - Female

▲ Most Popular Vocalist

Their thank you speeches can be found here while all the performances can be found here

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1 million views in 47 minutes? Is that even possible? Well people, it is. With Luhan's new OST MV for his debut movie, Back to 20, it is. I believe EXO-L 's made it possible.

Personally I am not a huge fan of EXO anymore, the OT10 era. It's not because I hate them or what, it's just I'm tired of SM's controversies and I hate how they handle their talents. They have awesome talents but the management sucks bigtime.

I am writing this post because I promised that I will still support ex EXO members no matter what. They're my bias that's one and because I look up to them because they took the risk of filing a lawsuit against a big company even though their chance of winning the case is maybe small but still the fact that they are fighting for their rights is an awesome thing.

Moving on from this drama called real life, I'm excited about the movie! I don't know if they will follow the korean one or maybe do some changes to suit their culture, and that makes it exciting. I believe a remake is one of the hardest thing to do, why? Because the pressure is too much to overcome the previous version. Also, you need to make your version stand out but still lean to
the original story. Comparison is unavoidable in remakes.

Luhan is really handsome in the teasers, cuts and even presscon! He looks younger if possible. *chubby cheeks represent!~*. Going home really did well to his body. He looks healthier though sometimes I think he misses EXO but his health comes first. I hope this will be an open door for our Deer oppa so that he can be an actor and an artist at the same time so that we can see him everywhere like movies, MVs, CFs and other kind of media.

Is it me or the young grandma looks like Luhan? I don't know if Luhan looks way too feminine or the female lead looks a bit masculine? They really suit the grandma-grandson  role.

The MV has excerpts from the movie so there are scenes you can't understand which makes you want to watch the movie. Sneaky producer. *tsk tsk* I really love it when EXO China line members speak their native tongue, they make Chinese sound so sexy and it makes you want to learn their language and endure the thousand characters. It's not that I hate them speaking in Korean, well Tao sounds so cho kawaii when speaking in Korean and Lay! Writing this post makes me miss OT12.

 cr: KPOPLive PlusHD

Sometimes I do regret of not seeing them as a whole and sometimes I thank it, maybe because if I saw them in real life, their lawsuit may affect me more than it affects me now.

I listened to the song before searching for the lyrics to see if I appreciate the song or the lyrics more, well it's both so enjoy Luhan's awesomeness and please still support our Deer oppa.

Also sorry for the sudden rant in this post. *bows 90 degrees*

one person walking to the finish line
somehow returning to the starting point
a new world
only now did i realize
time has no absolute
until there comes someone else
who can understand my feelingsno need to say, no need to ask
will just know, will just understand
every moment is like forever
I’m looking, there is not much time left
to make a wish, i wish there could be one more day
our tomorrow
I’m asking, how much time is left
before my eyes, i thought there would be one more day
to fulfill our promise
until there comes someone else
who can understand my feelings
no need to say, no need to ask
will just know, will just understand
every moment is like forever
I’m looking, there is not much time left
to make a wish, i wish there could be one more day
our tomorrow
I’m asking, how much time is left
before my eyes, i thought there would be one more day
to fulfill our promise
in fact there is a tale
that can turn back time
because there is a dream, that tells me
love never holds back, that gives me strength
I’m looking, there is not much time left
to make a wish, i wish there could be one more day
our tomorrow
I’m asking, how much time is left
before my eyes, i thought there would be one more day
to fulfill our promise

that become eternity
watch: yinyuetai | tencent

credits to :

Luhan : Our Tomorrow MV

by on December 01, 2014
1 million views in 47 minutes? Is that even possible? Well people, it is. With Luhan's new OST MV for his debut movie, Back to 20, it is...
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