Can you guys feel the summer heat? Me and summer don't go well together for one, it's very hot and I can't endure the heat of the sun and humidity or else I'll end up fainting. Second is that it makes my skin more dry. I feel like the weather sucks all my skin moisture and I'll end up having more dry skin.
I bought this product last year alongside with the color cheek which can be seen here

Last May 17 marks the 5th anniversary of our beloved bad-ass hip hop girl group 2ne1.  I can still remember how hooked up I am with fire and I encouraged some of my classmates into kpop. Also on that day, they did a concert on Manila but sadly I wad not able to come. I am stuck here in Davao and playing the role of a responsible daughter. Parents went on a trip by themselves so I am currently the manager of our business.  

Wooo~  Also, the day after that is my 23rd birthday! I spent it with my aunties and in the evening I had dinner with my friends then watched Godzilla. The movie was daebak by the way. Never knew Godzilla was a good guy. Always thought of him as a villian in every movie. 
And my one and only jagiya bought a mini choco cake for me ;______; . He knows I'm not a fan of other choco cake aside from this specific cake shop. Even if he will just give me a cupcake I will treasure and eat it heartily. 

EXO is back, again! Woo. I believe SM really enjoys EXO's popularity because they release album after album which means money after money. And this new album they're promoting is entitled Overdose. The song's about a guy being addicted to a girl, he needs nore of her everyday like a drug and now he's overdosed.

Well, fans are considered overdosed and hype nowadays with all the leakage happening. From EXO K's dance practice to EXO M's MV. Yes I did watch them but that doesn't make me less of a fan. I mean fans would still support EXO no matter what but I think the leakage is happening in purpose.

SM is a large company and I believe you can't access their files if you're not an authorized personnel, they have hundreds if not thousands of folders with passwords so why do they leak? Why is it happening to EXO only? There are a lot of groups under SME but why the leakage only happens to them? I believe it's one of their strategies. The more you prohibit a person from doing something, his/her willingness to do that forbidden thing will most likely increase. SM wants to create a hype to EXO fans so that when their album will be released,  fans would buy it.
Now, what are your thoughts about this theory?

Last night, I missed the live streaming, thanks to my internet provider who never fails to give me the best service ever! *most sarcastic voice* but I did download the performances from youtube noonas and I even got the Overdose MV which was suppose to be released today. I have been raping the replay button ever since. Even though I hate one set of their clothes, they look dashing in their B&W suits.

I like this song because somehow the people who have one word or one line during their past songs have longer lines. This is one of the disadvantages when you're in a big group. Usually, most lines will go to main vocal,  lead vocal then main rapper. Their dance is addicting and up to beat and boy,  even the self proclaimed dancing machines are doing a great job.


As much as I want to update every now and then, I can't. I'm too devastated with the recent accidents and events that are happening around the world like the sinking ship in Korea, abduction of girl happening in Nigeria, natural calamity/ ies happening in Chile and Indonesia and Ukraine is on the brink of civil war. You can't do anything for them because you can't be there physically so the only thing we can do is pray for them.  I can't even write stories. I just hope all will end well. Everyday is another day which means everyday there's a new hope.

Alive Galaxy Tour

by on May 03, 2014
  As much as I want to update every now and then, I can't. I'm too devastated with the recent accidents and event...
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