Etude House : I'm Blooming Deep Moisture Mist Review


Can you guys feel the summer heat? Me and summer don't go well together for one, it's very hot and I can't endure the heat of the sun and humidity or else I'll end up fainting. Second is that it makes my skin more dry. I feel like the weather sucks all my skin moisture and I'll end up having more dry skin.
I bought this product last year alongside with the color cheek which can be seen here

Actually it was not my plan to buy this product but it was on sale and it was one of my wishes to have a facial mist since I have a dry skin so I need to moisturize my skin often. Moisturizing has a lot of benefits and you need to start early because dry people tend to be wrinkly when they old.

This product was introduced a year ago and has 3 variants namely:
Pure Green Tea (Sebum Control), Essential Flower (Brightening) and Canola Honey (Deep Moisture).


7 Free means that it's free from Artificial Color, Paraben, Talc, Mineral oil, Benzophenone, Formaldehyde and Sulphate Surfactant which are commonly used in skincare products that harm our skin.

  I'm Pure, Trust Me and Safe with Me are their slogan for this I'm Blooming line which means that they are all natural and organic.


On the box you can see the ingredients, cautions like spray at least 20 cm away from your face and their promise to each product. 

At the bottom of the bottle you can see the date of production.

-smells good
-has a lot of benefits
-has a lot of variants
-cute packaging
-can feel weird sensation after applying

For a 150ml product, it's a bit expensive compared to Evian water mist but it's organic and it has more benefits considering it's more than water so I think the price is reasonable. Also,  you don't finish a bottle each month, it would take 4 or maybe months to finish it off if you spray at least once a day and you only spray 3-4 times. Evian can cost about Php400 for I think 300ml? while this one costs Php548.

Some people say don't use it as some sort of primer because the make up will not stick on your face. It's true if the mist is not yet dry and you put your BB cream on but if you wait for a couple of minutes or in my case face the fan to lessen the waiting time, the BB cream will stick on your face longer than the usual and you'll have that glow. I don't know if it's the same for others. Should I provide photos?

This product is so ideal when you're thinking of hitting the beach anytime soon. It will refresh and hydrate your skin.

I use this as often as I can for example whenever I feel that my skin is dry before sleeping, after taking a shower or just spray it because I want to. I think it's better to be over moisturized if that's possible than being under moisturized.

Would I buy this again? Yes. Maybe 50/50? I think I should try the Evian to see if this product is really worth the price.

This is not a sponsored post.

Sorry for the late post. I actually started this post for weeks now but I don't know how to continue it and I don't want to post a blog review that I think and feel is not post worthy. I am still sad about the Kris lawsuit and I'm being introvert again though I feel giddy this week because I will receive my Overdose album! I was suppose to receive it today but the buyer was sick. Get well soon unnie~. So the meeting was moved. I also bought Miracles in December, I was not suppose to buy it but I'm buying all albums that contains Kris. I have this sudden urge. HAHA. Anyways, see you soon. 

I also changed the way the title is placed. Is is better?

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