2NE1 : Gotta Be You MV and Gotta Be You Dance version MV

Last May 17 marks the 5th anniversary of our beloved bad-ass hip hop girl group 2ne1.  I can still remember how hooked up I am with fire and I encouraged some of my classmates into kpop. Also on that day, they did a concert on Manila but sadly I wad not able to come. I am stuck here in Davao and playing the role of a responsible daughter. Parents went on a trip by themselves so I am currently the manager of our business.  

Wooo~  Also, the day after that is my 23rd birthday! I spent it with my aunties and in the evening I had dinner with my friends then watched Godzilla. The movie was daebak by the way. Never knew Godzilla was a good guy. Always thought of him as a villian in every movie. 
And my one and only jagiya bought a mini choco cake for me ;______; . He knows I'm not a fan of other choco cake aside from this specific cake shop. Even if he will just give me a cupcake I will treasure and eat it heartily. 

So that's one of the reasons why I'm not updating again because I always end up sleeping without me noticing it because I'm tired and the lawsuit of Kris of EXO is not helping me be inspired. Gosh. I'm not even listening to EXO songs nowadays because it will remind me of Kris but still #webelieveinkris.  

This morning, 2NE1 released the MV of Gotta Be You. I enjoyed their stage when they were promting it but sadly I have to say that it's the most boring MV of 2NE1. Maybe I expected too much? Their presence is overwhelming in the MV but the uniqueness and the variety is not present. It screams 2NE1 but their's something missing. Maybe I'll learn to love the MV in the long run.

Live Performance 

Official MV 


Dance version 


 credits to :2NE1 and Naver

This is a short update on my life and gotta go since I'll be watching Roommate to release stress. #bodong forever.

Will post a review product soon. Will not post a half baked post about reviews. >.<
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