Mydol : Kpop Idol Lockscreen

How would you feel if your bias would send you sweet messages like I feel tired. Come and rest with me, I love you my precious, What should we have for dinner, *your name*?, Dinner's ready. Come join me and *your name*~ I'm so hungry, where's my meal?

My friend recommended me this application. I had used this kind of application before but it was hard to understand though because it's in Korean. As much as I love my oppas, I'm still having a hard time memorizing hangul but I can speak a bit Korean but not write.

So this app is for those delusional fans; may it be a girl or a boy. What I like about this app is that it's in English and you have a long list of idols that could pretend as your jagiyas.

I bet you would run out of feels and emotions and I'm happy to announce that you can experience this by downloading an app using your android phone and I'm sorry to say that it's not available in App Store.So, search mydol on playstore.

To unlock the screen you need to move the curser :
Right > unlock
Left > community
Up > setting
Down > change curser

When you select the settings button you have image and other settings.
The hide the fanship aka ILKO means you change your button and saver immediately. I really don't know the reason as to why you hide your fanship. Any suggestions? Also to reverse the action just move the cursor downwards again.

You can use different photos from your phone as lock screen saver and as well as the button from your gallery so better download HQ photos from major fansites.

Aside from customizing the photos, you can also customize if you want to turn your lockscreen on or off, remove the message or change your bias.

You can select a lot of idols as your bias.

Idols :
Block B
Super Junior

Also, you can also request if your bias group is not available.

You can customize this app by editing it. You can input your name so that whenever your idols have messages to you, they can "call" your name but in my instance since I'm considered more delusional than you guys, I put my name as yeobo. Hahaha. Now we appear as if we're married. Yes!

Change language settings to Korean or English or choose default which is a combination of English and Korean.

And when you're done, just press the back button for the confirm button to pop out. Easy right? Now, you can enjoy to your heart's content different messages from your bias using your android phone.

Comments, suggestions and reactions are welcomed here in my page so don't hesitate to express yourselves.

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