Idol Theme : EXO, B1A4 and LeeHi

Hello fellow kpop lovers! First I want to say thank you very much for the sensational response with my bangtan boys post. From 500+, my blog made it to top 18. Wow! I can never do that guys without you.

On the far fetched yet still related side of the world~ So some people asked me online on how come I have EXO theme with customized icons and I am here today to share that with you. 

So first go to play store and download DODOL LAUNCHER by Camp Mobile. It's like Go launcher Korean version. Then install it on your android phone, well on my case my Note II. 

After that search for EXO theme then install EXO-K or M DODOLTHEME EXPANSION PACK by  Brain Pub.

So after downloading and installing the theme, hold the icon of the desired app wherein you want to customize the icon for about 3sec or less, wait for the icon box to appear.

Then choose the one with the face to customize your icon, you can either choose circle, rounded square or square for the shape and any photo on your gallery for the icon.

Also you can change the border color and adjust the border with and opacity then click on apply to see your work. 

As of the moment I can't find any individual theme for EXO members. 

Through using their app you can see their SM Town profile with their official photos and MVs, EXO schedule, EXO line shortcut and EXO music. If you use EXO K theme then the things mentioned above are about EXO k while if you install EXO M then the mentioned things would also be about EXO M.

You can also search for B1A4 themes as a group or individual members and also LeeHi. As of the moment, I can't find any EXO individual theme but I'll give you an update if I'll find one. For now, enjoy and give me some feedbacks or questions if you have time.
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