Araw ng Davao : Mini Haul

My mini haul for Araw ng Davao sale at Abreeza Mall:
Finally got the chance to purchase a case for my iPad. It was naked for 3 months since I don't have any budget for a case (Poor me (;A;) )and and a new case for my iTouch aka Lemon. My wait was not in vain for I have saved 10% off my iPad case and a whopping 50% off my iTouch case all from Digital Walker.

*I'm telling you, you must buy from this store if you want to avail big discounts. Aside from the wide array of choices, from case, earphones, headphones, speakers to screen protectors, they have the most friendly and accommodating staff.
**based on my experience (It was my first time purchasing here btw.)

I also purchased cute button stickers and yummy pluggies at a cheap price at CDR King, the stickers and pluggies costs 20-25php or about $0.50-0.60 cents each.

That's why I love Araw ng Davao, aside from great festivities that is happening around the city, the stores are having special discounts during that time. I even got a free sinker at Tealoca during the weekend.

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