The Body Shop : Lip and Cheek Stain Review

Hello! I know I have been uber lazy to post anything here on my blog. Too lazy to take OOTD so I'm back with a review. lol. It is an old product by Body Shop but I have only fell inlove with it recently. So inlove that lately that i don't use my lipsticks anymore but stick to this lip and cheek stain. Though I use it as lip stain only because I still have to finish my Clinique Blush Stick.Moving on, as you guys know I have been sporting the brunette look these past 2-3 months so I changed my whole make-up routine and decided to go back to my dark make-up days, heavy or smokey eyeliner + red lips. But I have to admit, I bought this tint because I was inspired by S.M the Performance make-up, Taemin, Lay and Kai looked so dark and sexy with smokey eye make-up and red natural lips.Ok, enough fangirling.


Applicator is brush so you don't need to use your fingers to apply on your lips, so no fingers can get stained for hours. YAY! (*≧▽≦)
Product is long lasting. See? It looks decent after 8 hours but of course you need to apply often to your lips if you keep on munching on food like me.

*Sorry couldn't take decent selcas nowadays coz my kit lens is broken and it would cost 6k to repair it. I would be so stupid to let them repair it since brand new lens costs 9k. I'm not ignorant about that Canon repair shop, so don't take advantage of me.
**Middle top photo is one of my recent inspiration. Yes he is a male. Lay or Yixing of EXO-M.

- Natural looking
- Not glossy
- Available Worldwide
- Easy to use
- 2 in 1 product, lip and cheek tint
- Body Shop is against animal testing
- long lasting effect

- A bit expensive, Php 875 for 8ml
- Only 1 shade available here. (In web, they have 2 shades)

All I can say is this product is a must have! If you want a good product that has reasonable price, then this one is for you. It's a bit expensive considering there are a lot of cheaper lip and cheek tints out in the market today but wait for Body Shop's sale because I got this baby at Php 395 or 10 USD from 22 USD. With 12 USD, you can buy another product or save money for future use. And since it's a 2 in 1 product, you can save money from buying lip tint then blush, also save space in your make-up kit. What I also love about this product is that it is not glossy, which makes it natural looking.

After applying the product, let it stay on your lips for at least 5 minutes to let the product sink into your lips. Do not smack or put your lips together. With this technique, the tint lasts longer.

You can even do lip gradient with this tint like what ulzzangs sport.

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