I know I promised to write more frequently but there are instances wherein I felt so depressed, I don't know what to write anymore. So my kit lens is somewhat broken because of error 01 which kept on appearing on my screen for about a week already. Though sometimes it is ok when using automatic mode. I am going on a trip before May ends so I hope the lens would not act mighty and fail on me during the said trip. That was the main reason why I was depressed because I love "Ran" (Kiss X4) and her babies (lenses) especially Kit was not well. Hopefully, I could write a review or even post OOTD before my trip this May 29. Sorry for the random rant guys. Cheer for me! d(ゝc_,・*)ок♪ 


 Sorry for the late update on this portion of my blog. I love to dress up but lately I wear clothes that are either not blog worthy or the photographer in me is too lazy to take photos of the ugly outfits.  I need to work on this.

Even though the weather here in Davao is bi-polar (extreme heat during the day and harsh rain during nights), it did not hinder me from wearing spring inspired outfit. The skirt was a breather in my closet since I usually purchase plain skirts (one without prints). Georgette on georgette ensemble for summer/spring inspired outfit. I wore can can hat for two reasons; for more spring vibe and the most important reason is that my roots looks horrible on photos. Hopefully I can go to the salon next week and get my hair done.
Sorry for my chubby face. I can't seem to loose weight on my face.

Hat: G-Mall
Top: Bazaar
Skirt: Cinema Club
Bracelet: Promod 
Flats: Rubi

So how do you guys sport spring/summer fashion? Hope to hear from you soon. (*≧▽≦)

Dancing On My Own

by on May 07, 2012
 Sorry for the late update on this portion of my blog. I love to dress up but lately I wear clothes that are either not blog w...
A quick shout out to my little girl who is celebrating her birthday today.
Happy Labor Day everyone!!! In celebration , I came back with a review! Yay! (^_-)☆ 

Being a fan of hair dying for years, my hair suffered the most since hair color indeed damages hair no matter what expensive brands you use (Revlon,Wella, Schwarzkopf and others). It is usually dry when I use shampoo often. So I need to moisturize my hair often so that despite the fact that it is indeed dead, at least it looks presentable. So I present to you Silk Secrets (One Minute Hot Oil Treatment). It was my stylist that suggested this product since they use it at their salon and he wants me to save some time and money (I love him for that).

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